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Since I'm 8 years old I play music. Mostly Rock 'n' Roll, Hardrock & Blues.

Every time I think it is a big pleasure & luck to work with such great musicians all over the years and in the past. Really.

Touring through Europe and bringing music to your ears is a big pleasure for me. I found friends who gotn't lost over the years. Not only great musicians, but also people who make life worth living.

Sometimes I think my life could be another one in a "normal life". But...what it is, what is normal? I decided to life my life my way, because I am what I am.

No big biography right now on this page...I can't tell everything that I have experienced over the years, but I'd like to say thanks to everybody out there who likes handmade music! You made my dream come true to get on the charts, tour and the life I'm living. Thanks! I can't stop and I won't. I can't get enough!

You have questions or you want to share the stage or studio with me? Let me know and contact me below!

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Thanks a lot to my partners over the years:

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Picture taken in Poland touring with Michelle Connor (USA)

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