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Stefan Kern Studio Gitarrist Neve Portico

This are my holy rooms for working - you could maybe also say my rock 'n' roll office.

Here I'm practising, writing songs, producing, doing mixing and mastering, videos,....I'm sure you heard some recordings/mixes/master at radio, television or social media from this holy rooms.

The heart of my studio is a british full analog class-a console, wonderful microphones and sounding outboard gear like NEVE, Universal Audio, sE Electronics or Teletronix.... In my ears analog stuff sounds way better than digital. It's more time consuming, but you approach your project with a different attitude.

Of course, this is also where my live sounds are created when I go on tour.


To get a good and huge sound you have to play good. In my rig is nothing special, really.

No stuff I don't need. A few good guitar-amps running at the same time, good guitars, microphones, preamps/compressor and a few effects like overdrives, boosters, wah or other if I need. But the most important: I always - really always - think for me "I'm playing Wembley tonight. If small clubs or a stadion. Wembley is everywhere!"

Marshall 2061.jpeg

The heart of my rig: Marshall Lead & Bass Plexis


My main guitar - of course not my only one - is a rare 1984 Les Paul by a boutique company called Tokai.

It has been used for hundreds or maybe thousands of shows and on nearly every recording I did over the years. It has been re-fretted several times by one of the best guitar builders I know with stainless steel frets.

The pickups are the original ones.

What I really love at this guitar is the amazing dynamic range it has. It's a true rock 'n' roll biest with a amazing fast attack but also a smooth and warm sounding piece - the best Les Paul I found to date. Made in the golden years of instrument history and with my signs of use, dents and abrasions. This piece of wood can tell storys. A big luck to have it.

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